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Innovating the Joy of Eating for Healthy Aging

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21/9/2020 - 30/9/2020





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The University of Barcelona has officially opened enrollment for the second edition of the EIT Health Innovating the Joy of Eating for Healthy Ageing Plus (INJOY+) Summer School. 

INJOY+ focuses on the importance of living better, not just living longer. Nutrition over the lifespan plays a direct role in age-related decline, marked by poor nutritional status, reduced intrinsic capacity and increased vulnerability to adverse health outcomes. The increased number of years living in these vulnerable states can lead to institutionalisation and hospitalisation, placing an enormous burden on healthcare systems.

Highlighting nutritional status and dietary quality as pathways to improved intrinsic capacity has the potential to shift care from disease-centered to function-centered paradigms. Not only does this allow seniors to enjoy personalised nutrition-based therapy from the home, but it also reduces costs and pressure on public healthcare. INJOY brings nutrition care home by pairing the joyful aspects of eating with the nutritional profiles fundamental to health and longevity.

Through in-depth workshops highlighting intrinsic capacity, frailty prevention, and enhanced functionality, INJOY+ exploits nutrition as prevention by targeting independence and functional autonomy, rather than merely preventing disease.

Research suggests that healthy dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean and Nordic patterns not only promote improved functionality, but also preserve culinary tradition, joyful eating and healthy lifestyle behaviors. By bridging the gap between science and business, INJOY students develop the skills to create novel health applications and citizen-centric approaches for modifying behaviour.

INJOY empowers entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators to develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed for creating solutions, products, and services which support healthy ageing, functionality and longevity. Students explore nutrition, intrinsic capacity, frailty, dietary patterns, texture modification, food innovation, and the joy of eating for therapeutic nutrition as preventative care at home. Through scientific lectures, food workshops, practical business sessions, site visits, and influencer talks students refine their skills in identifying ideas, assessing opportunities, and developing sustainable business models promoting healthy living.

Over the 10-day “learn-by-doing” training, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, and experts unite from across Europe in creating a dynamic and creative learning environment rich with experimental workshops, team-building activities, gastronomic excursions, hands-on design, collaborative projects, real-world case studies, networking events, coaching sessions and mentorship. Leading scientists and experts in nutrition research share the most-recent data, recommendations, and initiatives aimed at modifying dietary behavior as a way of promoting healthy ageing. The result creates an engaging, experimental and reflective learning environment which empowers students to create novel business solutions.

Working in entrepreneurial teams, students receive inputs on how to validate an idea and structure an opportunity. The final day of the training culminates in a pitching day where students present their entrepreneurial project business models and receive feedback from a panel of experts.

The INJOY+ Summer School 2019 has been awarded funding from EIT Health which is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union. The INJOY+ partnership includes the University of Barcelona, Université Grenoble Alpes, Abbott, Nestlé, CIBERFES, and University of Reading.


Knowledge Base
● Understand the concept of how food influences intrinsic capacity
● Identify the physical and mental markers of intrinsic capacity and the role this plays in healthy aging.
● Critically evaluate current scientific evidence examining the role of nutrition and physical activity in modifying functional capacity and healthy aging
● Increase knowledge of behavioral change theories for dietary and activity modification
● Critically analyze the scientific evidence associated with functional foods.
● Identify the steps from ideation to business model
Skills and Abilities
● Promote the critical analysis to interpret recommendations and advertising related to functional nutrition.
● Present the work in public (preparation of graphic presentations, clarity and sequentiality of oral presentation, communication skills, etc.).
● Demonstrate an understanding of how to identify and critically evaluate nutrition science
● Engage in team-building activities, hands-on design, and collaborative projects, designed to enhance interpersonal skills and transdisciplinary networking.
● Develop the skills needed to debate, negotiate, moderate and determine.
● Develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed for creating solutions, products, and services which support healthy ageing, functionality and longevity.
Attitudes, Values and Norms
● Demonstrate a positive and constructive attitude of tolerance and respect for other people's ideas.
● Employ interpersonal skills to show respect to others.
● Apply the leadership capacity to create a good working environment.
● Promote and enhance professionalism, integrity and coherence in decision making.


1. Challenges in Intrinsic Capacity and Healthy Aging
* General concepts of healthy aging. Introduction to the concept of healthy aging and active living

  • Current dietary and lifestyle guidelines for healthy aging
  • Overview of current scientific research in geriatrics and aging
  • How physical activity influences intrinsic capacity
  • How intrinsic capacity influences healthy aging

2. Foods for Healthy Aging
* General concepts of food and nutrition in healthy aging. Introduction to the concept of how foods and food products influence intrinsic capacity, mental health, functional capacity, strength, and healthy aging.

  • Nutrition as the prevention of deficiencies
  • Functional foods and intrinsic capacity
  • Opportunities for innovation in functional foods for healthy aging

3. Dietary Patterns: The New Gold Standard
* General concepts of dietary patterns associated with healthy aging, increased intrinsic capacity and functional autonomy.

  • Mediterranean foods, dietary pattern, habits, and healthy aging
  • Nordic foods, dietary pattern, habits and healthy aging
  • Modifiable dietary and lifestyle factors associated with healthy aging
  • Dietary pattern interventions and outcomes
  • Usage of dietary pattern research for innovation and entrepreneurship

4. Innovating How We Eat: Behaviours and Habits
* Concepts of dietary and lifestyle modification and behavior change theory.

  • Drivers of eating behaviors
  • Behavior theories influential in modifying dietary and lifestyle habits for healthy aging

5. Environment: Understanding Contexts & Trends
* Concepts of entrepreneurship, ideas, and opportunities. Understanding contexts and trends within entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship an opportunity pursuit process
  • Evaluating ideas versus business opportunities
  • Effective framework for evaluating ideas

6. Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Opportunities, Technology & Creativity
* Concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation related to opportunities, technology and creativity

  • Micro testing for market attractiveness
  • Macro testing for sector attractiveness
  • Self-evaluation of the entrepreneurial team
  • Pitching strategies

7. Turning Ideas into Business Models
* Concepts of ideation, value proposition, road-to-market and business models

  • The fit between business models and the market
  • The Road-to-Market from customer discovery to company building
  • Understanding, evaluating and targeting customer
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Implementing the value proposition model: first draft on value
  • Proposition for each project

8. Financial Planning for Startups

  • Concepts in beginner entrepreneurial financial planning
  • Profit and Loss and the evolution of sales and profitability
  • Determining price and market value

9. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Negotiation

  • Concepts in entrepreneurial ecosystems and negotiation
  • Profit and Loss and the evolution of sales and profitability
  • Determining price and market value



The INJOY+ Summer School is for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovators, students, and researchers interested in creating products and services to empower citizens to eat nourishing foods which support healthy ageing. Students will pitch a solution aimed at helping consumers modify eating behaviour to support healthy ageing. The program walks participants through the steps from idea to Business Model.

Only accepted people is allowed to enroll with the registration payment of 90€
The acceptance application:
Additional Information:


Amb la voluntat de facilitar-te l’accés a la formació, t’oferim la possibilitat d’aplicar descomptes en el moment de fer la matrícula. Els descomptes poden variar segons el tipus d'estudis o la titulació que vulguis cursar i el nombre de crèdits del programa en el qual et vols matricular, el col·lectiu, i la comunitat a la qual puguis acreditar la condició de beneficiari.

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  • Alumni UB amb quota màster.
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