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Who we are


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Who we are

The mission of IL3-UB, the Institute of Lifelong Learning of the University of Barcelona is providing continuing education for professional and personal development, as well as helping companies and organizations to increase competitiveness through an appropriate management of the knowledge acquired from their qualifications.

Who we are

With more than 560 years of history, the University of Barcelona is a leading university in Spain. It boasts 24 institutes and research centers, 234 consolidated research groups and 4,998 scientific publications. The UB has earned prestige and reputation in the main rankings, both nationally and internationally, and it hosts 5,312 teachers and 63,020 students of 126 different nationalities

IL3-UB has sheltered a network of more than 1,500 associated experts and it has also collaborated with more than 2,000 companies from the main economic sectors for 25 years. It offers a variety of masters, postgraduate courses, and training programs in Health and Pharmacy, Engineering, Technology and Environment, Economics and Business and Culture and Communication, that are available on training on-site, partial attendance, or e-learning modes.

Our extensive experience in the design and development of teaching methodologies, allow us to incoporate the emerging approaches to deliver the best tailored training solutions to each sector, company or student.

Therefore, IL3-UB plays an important role in the development of projects that allow consolidate the internal talent of private companies and promote the growth of its activity, becoming its strategic partner so they can rise to the main challenges in their business.

We build talent by providing programs whose objective is to promote the potential of the participants so they can develop, consolidate and apply all the acquired competences once they enter the job market.

Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are

Our own international approach


Promoting peer to peer and social conscious learning.

We believe that the interaction between peers might lead to a deeper engagement into the training and will trigger a real understanding of the content provided. By innovative educational methods we not only train you but foster your self- empowerment. That’s why At IL3-UB, we endorse pro-social learning as an effective way of promoting communities creation.

pre-social learning ub


Getting first class tailor made continuous education experiences

Taking into account that different target groups have different needs and approaches, we deliver tailor made training courses that go far beyond the current state of the art both in methodology and content. By applying co creation techniques in the conceptualization of most of our training courses and master degrees, we get a direct assessment both form the trainees and form the labour market itself on their needs and expectations. Therefore, you will get excellent lifelong training education.



Enhancing your self-empowerment.

Taking DSI as an umbrella concept, we contribute to citizen empowerment by your participation in societal innovation projects. As part of the University of Barcelona one of IL3-UB goals is to promote social transformation. As Continuous Education Center we hold a privilege position to offer a portfolio based on DSI principles; promoting the developing bottom up solutions, empowering students, fostering mutual learning, offering multidisciplinary trainings courses and seeking to provide excellent contents while endorsing innovation and civic social participation.

Digital social innovation

IL3-UB ready to start a fruitful and dynamic cooperation with you.

Training experience (methodology)


empowering professionals

Empowering professionals

Improve our student’s employability

We design training programs linked with reality throughout meaningful learning experiences. We make students live in the classroom what they will find in their workplace. By Learning-by-doing, professional competences are developed in order to allow students to carry out their own professional task successfully.

challenge-based learning

Challenge-based learning

Get the transfer to the workplace

Our courses are challenge-based and student-centred. We are focused on the applicability; on how to get lifelong continuous improvement. We also provide the necessary tools to ensure knowledge transfer to workplace.




Our students use and develop skills within the classroom when they encounter unfamiliar or challenging situations. Competences will help them to draw and build on what they know, what they think and what they do.

learning resource

learning resource


We provides up-to-date information and different resources in multiple formats to enrich and adapt the learning experience.

Training experience (methodology)



Nowadays, technology is a critical element and digital transformation is imperative for all. Technology in our programs is a broad range of communication, information and other related tools that can be used to support learning, teaching and assessment.


We are located at the 22@ district; An innovative space that welcomes the most technologically advanced companies, universities and that hosts cutting edge research centers and continuing education institutions. An urban environment created to respond to the knowledge society challenges.

Training experience (methodology)


Our programs have a virtual environment that provides opportunities to keep connected. Through this online environment, students have access to learning spaces (virtual classrooms) in which they can interact with teaching staff, academic coordinators and their classmates.


We are part of the University of Barcelona, who occupies a very competitive position at Catalan, National, European and worldwide levels in the most important rankings. Our teaching staff combines university teachers and professional experts contributing to a better learning experience.

Training experience (methodology)



precise higher education design

We develop a high quality instructional design and content production, both textual and audio-visual: forward looking, rigorous, multiplatform and multidevice.

precise higher education design

360 degree satiscation assessment

Our surveys evaluate our students, teachers and clients' satisfaction, in order to be above the University of Barcelona's quality indications.

360 degree satiscation assessment

Training impact assessment

We determine the footprint that our training leaves on our students.

pre-social learning ub

Excellence labels

We are working to provide an excellence label that guarantees the quality and stability of our courses and services.

Building up strategic partnerships

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