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Postgrado en Integrated Design Using Autodesk Bim Tools

26 semanas

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15/4/2020 - 14/10/2020





(El precio incluye tasas administrativas de la Universidad de Barcelona)

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Do you want to learn the collaborative and multidisciplinary methodology that is revolutionizing the construction sector?

Integrated Design using Autodesk BIM Tools Postgraduate Course is delivered by leading experts and practitioners of the highest level, including Autodesk Expert Elite Professionals who have been recognized by Autodesk as contributing a significant amount of time, knowledge, and assistance to the Autodesk community.


  • This Postgraduate Course will give a broad vision of the necessary tools to work in a BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment and to understand which methodologies are needed to be established and to know which specific programs are needed to be used.
  • How to define BIM concepts.
  • Master the programs used in an Autodesk BIM environment.
  • Learn the methodologies to coordinate and collaborate in BIM projects.
  • The students will have an international vision of a BIM environment and how to create a 3D project through BIM.

Tres razones para escogerlo

  • You will learn how to integrate the most used BIM software worldwide and how to master programs like Revit, Navisworks, Robot, Dynamo, BIM 360 and 3ds Max, as well as learning Project Management Planning techniques, site control, measurements and estimate control practices.
  • Learn from leading Autodesk experts, our course instructors are Autodesk Expert Elite or leading practitioners and leading BIM experts.
  • Our online learning system is designed to offer the students the ultimate online learning experience. As well as videoconferences you will have access to live webinars so you can ask your instructor any questions in real time.


Acreditación académica

Diploma de Especialización/de Postgrado en Integrated Design Using Autodesk Bim Tools por el Instituto de Formación Continua de la Universitat de Barcelona.

Curso propio diseñado según las directrices del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior y equivalente a 30 créditos ECTS. 


1. BIM Architecture with Autodesk Tools
1.1. The dimensions of BIM
1.2. BIM standards
1.3. Introduction to cost-it
1.4. Design and modeling using Revit Autodesk Tools

2. BIM Structures
2.1. Revit BIM, basic coordination for Federated Model (Architecture and Structure)
2.2. Revit BIM – Structure
2.3. Steel structure and connections
2.4. Reinforced concrete structure
2.5. Revit BIM Families I: Annotation families and 2D
2.6. Revit BIM Families II
2.7. Revit BIM Families III: Parametric families
2.8. Additional course material: Revit 360 and Robot (structural analysis)

3. BIM Revit MEP
3.1. Mecanical
3.2. Electrical
3.3. Plumbing
3.4. HVAC

4. Project Management - Collaboration and Coordination
4.1. Introduction to BIM Project Planning
4.2. Implementing BIM in multidisciplinary teams
4.3. Processes, tools and metrics of collaboration in the field of each discipline
4.4. Coordination between disciplines
4.5. Model validation (quality)
4.6. Detecting errors and omissions in the project
4.7. Coordination meetings for the Design Team
4.8. Agile methodology / Scrum / Lean

5. Project Visualization
5.1. Rendering using Revit. V-Ray
5.2. Introduction to 3ds Max – from BIM to visualization
5.3. Export and basic browsing for 3ds Max
5.4. V-Ray configuration
5.5. Lightning - GI and HDRI. Portals
5.6. Materials - Maps and Unwrap
5.7. Camera
5.8. Importing external models
5.9. Postproduction


Architects, engineers and designers from the field of construction and technicians interested in BIM and specifically Autodesk Design Tools. 



Sra. Lila Herrera

Sr. Richard Pertegas Plans


Sr. Antoni Fonseca i Casas